My StoTom Leonardry

I grew up in Wyoming, in a town so small we only had one stop-light. I was raised in a family of successful entrepreneurs
and remember my father telling me that he was working for himself after he realized that he was just as smart and capable as anyone he had worked for in the past. That stuck with me.


After escaping the cold winters of Wyoming I spent 2 years in Fiji as a Peace Corps Volunteer – not exactly a hardship location.



And returned to earn an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

With my degree fresh in my hand I joined “Corporate America. Working for retailers and hi-tech businesses over the years I developed my marketing skills. I specialized in direct marketing since that was my passion – to be able to actually measure success with numbers.
When the internet arrived, that put direct marketing in a whole new league. Cutting the time it took to
collect marketing response from weeks to hours – or days at the most made the work even more interesting. I was fortunate to work with some very smart teams at incredible companies – such as AOL, Netflix, and Warner Bros.

While these opportunities allowed me to work with some incredible brands – think of Netflix, Harry Potter, the Dark Knight, etc. – it didn’t give me the chance to always work on projects or with teams that were truly my own.

That’s when I came into the world of network marketing. Now I can choose the products and
services to promote. And even better I get to work with the people I want. Now don’t get me wrong. Many of the teams I was a part of in Corporate America were pretty amazing. But it wasn’t the team that I got to build.

Whenever anyone asks me what my ideal job would be I readily answer: “I want to work with smart people doing interesting things.” And this is where you come in.

My recent focus and success on Twitter marketing has turned my online business around. When I was shown how to do it right, I immediately said to myself: “I can do that”. And I did.

I am extremely passionate about team building. And that starts with recruiting. As they often say in the movie business, casting the right people will let the story tell itself. And that is true with network marketing.

If you are interested in working hard – sorry, no “get-rich-quick” opportunities here – and developing your marketing skills with one of the best groups around you have come to the right place.

Does that mean you have to be a marketing superstar to join up? Absolutely not. You just have to be willing to do your best to become one. And be excited to work with a team of superstars. Does it mean you have to already have incredible marketing skills? Of course not. We are here to learn and succeed together.

What I can offer is years of online experience in almost all online marketing strategies: CRM, SEO, PPC, affiliates, banner advertising, mobile, video, and social. We will share our experience of developing the best marketing team out there.

Here’s my vision: I want to create an “A” Team of network marketing professionals, using and improving all of the marketing tools available in an ever-changing environment.

Interested in coming along?


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